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Blue, single KB, caries fawn, sable and harlequin.





A. Mutual Agreements by both parties 

1. Both parties agree that the stud service agreement is for stud service only and is not to be constructed as a guarantee of live puppies upon whelping. 

2. Both parties agree that two puppies constitute a litter. DEFINITION OF “LITTER” A Litter, for the purposes of this Contract, is defined as a minimum of 2 puppies born alive. If Breeding does not take, a Repeat Breeding will be given to the same Bitch on her next season. If the Bitch fails to conceive on the return service, the contract is terminated. 

 3. Both parties agree that the Stud Owner shall be held harmless of any and all liability, except as stated herein Hinson Kennels contract.

B. Natural Breeding 

1. Failed Natural Breeding
a. In the event of condition that warrants an artificial insemination after failed attempts at a natural breeding, the Stud owner reserves all rights in the selection of the veterinarian to perform the procedure. If the bitch owner declines the procedure, the Stud owner will be reimbursed for local transportation and boarding charges from day one, plus a fee of $100.00.

C. Artificial Insemination 

1. The Stud Owner agrees that the collection of sperm has been made by a veterinarian who has collection experience.
2. Using Fresh Extended Semen
a. The bitch owner will pay $150.00 of the Stud Fee that is non-refundable as well as present Stud Owner with, the AKC certification form, Application for Using Fresh Extended Semen, filled in and signed by the bitch owner.
3. Using Frozen Semen
a. The bitch owner will pay $150.00 of the Stud Fee that is non-refundable upon receipt of this contract, the AKC certification form, Application for Using Frozen Semen, filled in and signed by the Bitch Owner.
4. In addition to the Stud Fee, Bitch Owner will supply a credit card to be charged to cover any fees incurred by the veterinarian including, but not limited to any shipping container(s) and handling fees
5. Bitch owner’s choice of vet must be approved by Stud Owner. Vet MUST BE A BOARD CERTIFIED Theriogenologist, certified in performing frozen and chilled semen implants. If the vet is NOT approved by Stud owner, 100% of Stud fee is due prior to breeding and is non-refundable.

D. Required from Bitch Owner prior to breeding 

1. Photocopy of your bitch’s registration papers. a. Also the Bitch Owner will supply a copy of a three generation pedigree 

2. Provide proof of Hip and Elbow certification by OFA or Penn Hip 

 3. Bitch must have a current Eye CERF a. An exam taken within the last twelve (12) months 

 4. A recent photograph and any videos if available 

5. Bitch owner will be required to provide that they have performed at least a vaginal oxtology as well as a Progesterone testing to pinpoint optimal breeding time Negative Brucellosis test.  

a. Female must have a negative Brucellosis test done no later than 10 days before breeding. No exceptions! 

 b. We will need a photocopy of all lab reports for our records. 

 c. Bitch owner should provide written documentation of the status of EIC and CNM if available.


 6. Pay all transportation costs for the bitch as/if needed. 

 7. Pay all expenses if using fresh chilled or frozen semen, including, but not limited to collection kits, semen collection, shipping charges, ect. 

 8. Owner of stud is not obligated to sign a litter registration form until all expenses are paid in full. 

 9. Bitches must be in good physical health, two (2) years of age or older, unless prior agreements have been made. And no older than 6 years of age.

 10. Bitch must have a stable temperament. 

11. The bitch owner certifies that the bitch has not been bred to any other male dog during this heat cycle, and that the utmost care will be taken to insure that she is not bred to any other male dog during this heat cycle, or to any other dog after this service has been provided. 

 E. Responsibility of Stud Owner 

 1. Stud dog is guaranteed to be in the same good health as required of the bitch 

 2. To provide a photocopy of our Stud’s AKC Registration papers if requested 

 3. Provide 5 generation pedigree 

 4. Proof of final clearances a. OFA, Current Eye CERF, DNA, EIC & CNM. if  so desired.

F. General Breeding Agreement

1. There is NO COST to board your female at our place, AS LONG as you bring her own food.
a. We feed and recommend Diamond High Energy.
b. If you would like us to use our food, there will be a $8.00 per day charge.
c. We expect you to pick your dog up when the matings are completed. Dogs left in our care for more than 3 days will be charged board at the rate of $20 per day.
2. If your female arrives with external parasites, she will be given a flea/tick bath and you will be charged a grooming fee.
a. It is best if you give her a bath at home prior to mating, and if parasites are a problem in your area, use a product like BioSport or Frontline PRIOR to mating.
3. Absolutely no litter applications will be signed without payment in full
a. The Bitch Owner agrees that Stud Owner is not obligated to sign the AKC litter registration forms until properly paid by Bitch Owner.
b. All other costs must be paid in full when the female is picked up
i. Food, Grooming, any testing fees, ect.
4. We RARELY provide stud service for “pick of the litter”, as we keep a full complement of dogs in our own kennel. However, if we choose pick of the litter, the following outlines our policy.
a. Stud Owner has choice of litter any time before puppies are 8 weeks of age. At least two puppies alive is to constitute a litter. In the event of the birth of only one puppy, the pick of the litter option may be refused by owner of the bitch and cash fee paid instead.
b. IMPORTANT- If pick of the litter option is taken by Stud Owner and bitch changes ownership, the new owner must be notified of this contract and must sign contract also.
5. The Bitch Owner assumes all costs incurred for any veterinary procedures and/or reproductive services or medical treatment required for the female while she is in the care the Stud Owner’s Kennel.
6. No stud service will be provided without a written and signed stud contract.

G. After Litter has been Born 

1. Definition of a litter
a. The female owner must notify the Stud Owner when the litter is born
b. A litter consists of two puppies that live at least 48 hours
c. If only one puppy is born and lives past 48 hours, the Stud Owner will sign the AKC/NKC/UKC or CKC litter papers for that one puppy with a total Stud Fee of $500.00 to Stud Owner. (Fee paid first)
2. Puppy with defects
a. Any puppy born with genetic or congenital defects must be humanely euthanized by a licensed veterinarian or must be sold with limited registration as well as written guarantee of being spayed or neutered.
3. No pregnancy
a. If the female is not pregnant, this should be confirmed by x-rays immediately prior to the due date for the litter.
4. No puppy resulting from the above breeding shall be sold to a dog dealer, pet shop, or agent of either. Names and addresses of buyers of all puppies resulting from the above breeding shall be provided to stud owner. Buyers of puppies resulting from the above breeding shall be required to sign a written agreement that they in turn:
a. Will not sell said puppies or their offspring to a pet shop, dealer, or agent of either.
b. Will not breed any female purchased from the litter resulting from the above breeding before she is 24 months old, or without certification that she is free of hip dysplasia, eye diseases, sebaceous adenitis, vWD, and thyroid antibodies.
c. Any male to whom a female from the litter is bred, or any male from the litter, if used for breeding, will first be certified free of the above diseases listed in b.. It is recommended that the sales agreement used in the disposition of the puppies resulting from this breeding also make the same requirement with regard to certification of ophthalmologic normality where the availability of a qualified canine specialist makes this possible.

H. Stud Fee 

1. The Stud Fee range is $500.00 - 1,000.00 on natural breedings and artificial breedings. ALL natural breeding fees are due UPFRONT unless other arrangements and agreements have been made. On artificial insemination breeding, Bitch Owner shall pay a $150.00 nonrefundable service before the mating takes place with the balance due before litter registration is signed by the Stud Owner.
2. There is no free return mating if the female is not in gestation/whelp.
The owner of the bitch hereby releases from responsibility Stud Owner from any liabilities and/or damages to said bitch while she is in the care or affiliates for breeding.
No other terms of conditions of any kind unless otherwise agreed upon per signed contract. Agreements made via recorded calls and text also apply.



Hinson Kennels is not responsible for your females failure to reproduce. Choosing to use one of our males for stud is an opportunity. All breedings that have taken place, Hinson Kennels does not get back. With each outside breeding that takes place, we lose the chance to breed our males to our own females. Hinson Kennels is also taking the chance of never being able to use our stud again after a breeding that takes place. So we hope you understand why we do not refund any fees and are not guaranteeing your females production. 

Please note: Females age out, their eggs become less and less with each cycle and breeding. If your female's litters are getting smaller and or failing to take prior to this breeding cycle, your female most likely will not take, or your female's production may result in the 1 to 2 pups. 

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